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Hands On Horsemanship

Why do some horses behave differently to others

they are all horses at the end of the day?

If you can answer yes to any of the questions, then read on, because maybe I can help;

Question 1 : Do I feel my horse is giving me the best he or she can for the job I wish for him to do?????

Question 2 :

  Do you worry that your horse is not happy?

Which can translate into the following...........

Does your horse refuse jumps?

Won't stand to be mounted?

Won't load or takes a long time to do so?

Is strong to ride and or bolts?

Doesn't like been touched and or brushed?

Hates having the saddle/roller fitted?


Won't pick his feet up/ hates been trimmed and or shod?

Tense and or nappy?

Naughty in the showring and or dressage arena?

difficult to catch?


Hates been clipped? 

Question 3 : 

Is your horse in pain?????

and finally some more thoughts............ 

* Do you wonder if you are feeding the right food to get the best out of your horse or do you feel you are wasting money?

*Do you ask yourself is there a calm solution to loading your horse without taking hours?

*Do you ask is there a reason why your horse behaves in a certain way, and could there be an answer?

Do you ponder if there is another way to aid your horse to recovery from illness or accident?

Seems depressed and unwell specially when been stabled?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions or have a similar one in your mind, then please read on and find out about how I work