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Hands On Horsemanship


My Method

Hello, my name is Sarah Thomas and I am committed to helping as many horses/ponies and owners as I possibly can find the key to mutual enjoyment.. Whether it be for happy hacking, dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance or even polo. 

The way I work is basically to look outside the box to a solution to a problem and to do that I draw on different resources that I have. My main one and the reason that I have set out on this mission to help people and horses is to be able to understand the horse. I don't mean from reading loads of books and passing exams, I mean from been able to get inside the horses mind and listen to what he or she has to say.

Yes thats right I can 'talk' to horses. It means I am able to get to the root of the problem and then my experience can help find a solution to solve that problem, or in most cases problems. So what you THINK might be wrong with your horse or what you have been TOLD is wrong with your horse, maybe (usually 98%) not the case!

I am also a dressage rider and was a successful junior show jumper. I have been with horses all my life, competed in showing, dressage, and show jumping since I was 7 and taught and trained horses since I was about 17.

Hands On Horsemanship works in three stages - please read the other pages

I also use the healing energy Reiki & Photonic therapy to help complete the sessions.

Horses and ponies can also come and have a stay with me, when more than one session is needed. Which means they can receive healing of mind and body. Details on request. Pricing on contact page.